Jan 2nd 2021

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Welcome to the Female Filmmakers Film Festival. WATCH the FIRST ever festival of 2021 on Saturday January 2nd, 2021.

Here is the full lineup of films:

COVID BACH, 2min., Canada, Animation/Music Video

This freeflowing stream of consciousness animation is set to J. S, Bach The Well Tempered Clavier. The fully hand drawn images weave in and out between abstract and nightmarish visions. Then the dream ends……but does it?

SEAGULL, 6min, USA, War/Mystery

A mysterious French woman encounters both aid and suspicion when she washes up on the English coast during World War Two.

10 SECONDS, 6min., Bulgaria, Action/Sports

During a boxing match, Alexandra is knocked down. To return to the match, she must first overcome her past and present. Vision and words intertwine in Alexandra’s mind where the real battle take place.

THE NEW OLD FASHIONED, 9min., USA, Drama/Family

Growing up is one thing. Having your parents treat you like an adult is a whole other story. Ama, a successful 30-something, has taken the reigns on the next stage of her life. The problem is, her parents don’t approve.

WHEN THE WOLF’S AWAY, 12min., France, Drama

To heal her wounds, Lara chose to put everything behind her. She is on the wrong track. In the course of her hypnosis session, she makes a discovery: the person she must forgive is not the person she believes.

XIETY, 3min., USA, Drama

XIETY explores the ways anxiety may feel for those who suffer from it through a visual journey in Val’s mind- XIETY. Val struggles to stay mentally present during a night out with friends. What may seem like a simple, fun, and relaxing night for others is physical and mental torture for Val. Her anxiety quickly builds up to a panic attack and she finds herself stuck in her mental world of Xiety.

UNHIDE, 3min., India, Experimental

Is freedom Gender-based. The answer is an emphatic NO. But does anyone care about this? Can’t a woman in this country dress as she likes, walk as she wishes, speaks as she thinks. What if she is a professional or a housewife or a call girl her consent is needed for anything and everything.


In the absurdist world of Providence Plantations, a spiritual woman works to decolonize her thoughts. While driving home from her job at the sleep lab, she tries to block out news of another state sanctioned killing. After narrowly missing a run in with police, the line between reality and a waking nightmare begins to blur.

WHISPER, 12min., Hungary, USA, War/Familly

In times of war. When fear sneaks into a little girl’s dreams turning them into nightmares. A tender relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter helps her feel safe.

Through games and routines that the grandmother creates in order to protect the little girl, and teach her a valuable lesson of courage.

MISS YOU, DAD, 15min., USA, Drama/Family

After the death of her father, Ava processes the memories of her seemingly perfect childhood, struggling to come to terms with her parents’ role in destroying her innocence.

AGE IS JUST A NUMBER, 1min., Denmark, Experimental

Everyone talks about age being just a number, but how many in the fashion industry really mean what they say when Media messages such as: look young but not too young – dress according to your age, do not reveal. Suddenly buying a pair of funky jeans or waring a sparkling sequin blouse feels like an act of high treason – risky and punishable by the fashion police.

SHED, 5min., USA, Drama

A woman released from incarceration, finds guidance for re entry and her own evolution in unexpected lessons from the natural world.

DEMENTIA SPOTS, 10min., Hungary, Drama/Family

Scenes from the life of a demented man.

HOOF, 4min., USA, Horror/Drama

A a #Panavision sponsored program in which all projects were shot on Kodak Motion Picture Film 35mm film. High School horror.

SONGBIRD, 14min., Canada, Drama

A young married couple finally conceive their first child but when it ends in a heartbreaking miscarriage they discover that grieving their loss is much harder than expected.

WENDY/GIGI, 14min., USA, Comedy/Drama

All first days are shit. We follow Wendy’s inaugural shift at Tartarus, a down-on-its-luck New York City dungeon. Teeming with strange characters and stranger new experiences, our fledgling Dominatrix discovers a surprising yet rewarding hidden talent.

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