Dec 1st 2020

The Black Madonna

@ Life Force Arts Ensemble Foundation


Opening Tuesday, December 1st, from 7PM - :30PM

image: Black Madonna (c) Marilyn Hrymak
This workshop will be held via video conferencing


Black Madonnas are found on every continent around the world. Although the ancient worship of these Madonnas was stifled as patriarchy grew, interest in Her is again increasing. Black Madonnas have been a symbol of social justice, comfort and healing for everyone including poor and oppressed people.
In this workshop, Marilyn will lead an Earth Mother grounding meditation, and explain the meaning, origins and symbols of Black Madonnas from Europe. Then she will share slides of her pilgrimages to the Black Virgins she has experienced in Italy, France & Spain. Interesting legends and myths related to each will be described. Ways for participants to worship and find healing from Her will be stressed.
Marilyn Hrymak writes of her artwork Black Madonna:
Black Madonnas represent a memory of a time when Mother Earth was worshiped and respected. She is most worshiped with non-traditional beliefs and is associated with political resistance and movements aimed at transformation. Madonnas are usually discovered in nature, and the Black Madonna of Montserrat, shown in my piece, was found in a cave near Her present location.
Ex-votos (offerings to a saint or to a divinity in fulfillment of a vow or in gratitude or devotion) are usually near Black Madonnas to represent the miracles, power and protection She generously gives. Her gifts are given to all of Her worshipers regardless of class, gender or wealth. The Asian symbol in the upper right corner stands for wishes granted.
All of our ancient ancestors are originally from Africa. Many believe the Black Madonna represents our Mitochondrial Eve. She is the only female in patriarchal churches that sits on a throne. Locations where She can be found are usually on or near archeological evidence of pre-Christian divinity.
Black Madonnas touch my soul. I can feel power and get important messages from Her. My wall hanging honors Her because I strongly believe in social justice, and She provides a link to worship before patriarchy.
Marilyn Hrymak creates upcycled fiber art on themes including social justice, emotional growth and Goddess. Her devotion to the Divine Feminine has led her to travel the world in search of Goddess. A retired high school instructor with a bachelor’s degree in education and masters degree in family relations, she is a member of the Association of Women and Mythology and WomanMade Gallery. Her art can be seen at



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