Dec 6th 2020

LPFU is overjoyed to welcome back Marc Fischer of the initiative Public Collectors! Marc will discuss his daily listening project Public Collectors Police Scanner which recently concluded after 75 days of listening to the police scanner in Chicago. Every day, for up to an hour, Fischer would listen to the various zones throughout the city and take notes on the comments made by dispatchers and responding officers or supervisors. Public Collectors Police Scanner was a meditation on policing in America (and Chicago specifically) with an eye toward an abolitionist future where we no longer depend on police forces to solve common social problems. Fischer will read from his notes, share these pages of documentation, and describe some of the things he learned over the course of the project.
Please note that the writing that emerged from these listening sessions includes many descriptions of violence including domestic battery, child abuse and neglect, gun violence, and numerous accounts of other forms of violence. Attendees should be aware that some of this content may be triggering.

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