Nov 28th 2020

Please join us for the closing performance of Kristin McWharter’s RARA hosted by Langer Over Dickie Gallery in Chicago. Over the past month, the series of live motion capture performances have cheered their way through the anxious unknowns of trick or treating, deep into the pacing ambiguity of the US election night, and boldly onwards into the unflinching second wave of the pandemic. This weekend, as our world continues to defy our deepest desires for tradition or routine she invites you to join her as she continues her cheer.

RARA is available to view and participate at 5pm this Saturday November 28th at the url

Following the performance, Ali Seradge of Langer Over Dickie will host a special Q&A with the artist to discuss the exhibition.

Statement about the work:
Looking at the rise of sports entertainment throughout the 20th century, RARA builds upon the particular forms of storytelling embedded within the game of football. Tumbling narratives of achievement, redemption, progress and the unknowns of improvisation, chance, and limitation. Inspired by the cultural crockpot of stadiums, mascots, chips and dips fuse into a slurry of capitalistic machismo, McWharter delves into the aesthetics of audience allegiance, superstition, hope, and cultural value. Imagining a dystopian future where the economic basis of the American football has collapsed, what becomes of the cheerleader? RARA playfully speculates on a reimagined future for the sport through live digital performance and a keen eye on the rhetoric of motivation.

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Special Thanks to the Chicago Artist Coalition and the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation, Langer Over Dickie Gallery, SAIC Art & Technology Studies department, New Media Caucus, and the forever amazing and supportive KT Duffy and Ali Seradge

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