Oct 25th 2020

The Quarantine Concerts are a collaborative endeavor meant to provide artists a space to share their work and continue to earn a living during this time when most live performance opportunities have been cancelled due to COVID-19. We believe in the necessity of art during difficult moments like these, and feel fortunate to live in a time when loss of mobility does not have to mean loss of community. Thank you for being here.

The Consortionist Presents
2:00pm Cecilia Vicuña (NY)
2:10pm Jen Baker (NY)
2:30pm Makoto Kawabata (JP)
2:50pm Tatiana Luboviski- Acosta (SF)
3:00pm Robert Stillman (UK)
3:20pm Sidney Chen (SF)
3:40pm Tom Weeks (OAK)
4:00pm Greg Beaver (NY)
4:10pm Charalambides (TX)

Suggested donation of $5/evening – think of it like paying cover to a concert! 100% of the donations contributed during each performance go to the artists who played that night.

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