Oct 4th 2020

Nine Lives Workshop

@ Renaissance Society


Opening Sunday, October 4th, from 3PM - 4PM

THIS PROGRAM WILL BE CONDUCTED VIRTUALLY VIA ZOOM; FOLLOW THIS LINK TO REGISTER: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nine-lives-workshop-registration-120118556837

How do stories shape our lives? The way we see the world around us?

What does it mean to be at a narrative’s center? At its margins?

What forms can reading take? Or translating? And what’s at stake in each case?

What is an inner life? What is a social life? Where do they separate or converge?

What does it mean to share a story? What happens when stories overlap?

How do you understand your own agency? What are the bounds of your influence?

Where is history? Do you think about rewriting it?

When does everyday life become something else?

Are stories alive?

These questions emerge from certain overarching themes in Nine Lives, such as the interplay between the individual and collective, interpretation, storytelling, and agency. In the exhibition, they are mobilized by a particular set of protagonists and stories, each navigating their own challenges and circumstances, but they hold significance for us all—especially as we reckon with our own positions in relation to the histories that have shaped our world and events unfolding now. Here, they constitute a frame and point of entry for a small, discussion-based workshop led by Nine Lives curators Karsten Lund and Caroline Picard, intended as a space for open conversation about the works in the exhibition and the personal, social, and political dimensions of narrative in our lives.

This event is free, but space is limited and booking is essential. The workshop will be conducted virtually via Zoom; click here to register, or join the waitlist.

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