Oct 12th 2020

I can see my house from here

@ Hot Wheelz Festival


On view through Friday, October 16th

Join us virtually as Hot Wheelz Festival presents:

“I can see my house from here”

Sarah Skaggs and Constanza Mendoza Guerra’s curatorial residency featuring work by the collective F.M.7, and artists Eliane Adela Padrón, Fabián González, and Mario Sergio Álvarez with a writing contribution by Margarita Lizcano Hernandez.

As if looking over a recognizable landscape from a high altitude, the works in “I can see my house from here”, explore questions of migration and diaspora, and individual meaning-making in times when a global pandemic exposes underlying structural problems. Speaking from their positions as Cuban born and based artists, Padrón, González, and Álvarez propose alternative languages for considering our subjectivities through the entanglement of poetic storytelling and found footage, creative interpretation of established myths, and performative socially-engaged practice.

All scheduled work and programming will be hosted at hotwheelzfestival.com/current-residency.


– Individual artist “rooms” go live featuring: F.M.7, Eliane Adela Padrón, Fabián González, Mario Sergio Álvarez, and Margarita Lizcano Hernandez.
– 8pm CST IGTV screening by Fabián González @sisifo_is_not_fake_news

10/14/20 at 10:30am & 5:30pm CST
– Screenings of Croma by F.M.7

10/16/20 at 10:30am & 5:30pm CST
– Screenings of Nueve páginas para una carta by Mario Sergio Álvarez

Hot Wheelz Festival is a new live art platform that hosts virtual week-long residencies for Chicago curators, spaces, and collectives to create live programming while loosely approaching the question, “How do we keep moving?”. Each residency includes a Hot Wheelz Festival website takeover as well as engagements across different platforms (Instagram & Twitch). Hot Wheelz believes live programming hinges on the idea of live experience for the audience, whether that’s watching a live stream, limited engagements with pre-recorded work, virtual reality, or an ever-changing web page.

Follow the Hot Wheelz Festival Instagram account (@hotwheelzfestival) for residency schedules and programming details.

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