Sep 12th 2020

Goldfinch is pleased to present “A mirror, a dish, a window,” a group show of works by Zakkiyyah Najeebah Dumas-O’Neal, Lesley Jackson, James Kao, Minami Kobayashi, Emily Sher, and Ann Toebbe.

Through a range of media, these six artists explore the intimate landscape of interior space. From functional objects to paintings and photography, the works wend through rooms, objects, and everyday gestures, revealing the emotional and psychological resonance of domestic surroundings and the “stuff” accumulated within them. The strangeness of time, as it often exists when we are lost in thought or fall into familiar rhythms, is explored here as nonlinear, layered, and personal—measured by our private rituals, and experienced through daydreams, memories, and moments of stillness. Together, these artists ask us to consider moments of intimacy and mystery that exist within our interiors, as well as the deep ties between our inner lives and the rooms in which we spend our days.

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