Jul 18th 2020

Join us for “They Wore Flowers In Their Hair: the late night edition”. TWFITH is a showcase of nonbinary talent in Chicago with a late night vibe. There will be different acts, interviews, and a host. Acts and art will revolve around personal art and practice, and how that coincides with gender and gender expression, which are societal constructs. How does the world and its structures affect how we express ourselves, and thus affect our personal artistry? This is specifically an outreach initiative for all kinds of nonbinary and gender non conforming artists in the city, to have a platform and let their artistic voices be heard in a space just for them. We hope to create more visibility for this group in Chicago.

Organized by Imani Davis, TWFITH is amplified by the Reunion Relief Grant for Cultural Producers and generously supported by the Field Foundation and our community.



A Performance by Glamhag (https://www.glamhag.com/)

A Conversation with McKensie Mack (https://www.mckensiemack.com/)

A Poetry Reading from H. Melt (https://www.hmeltchicago.com/)

Comedy Time with Vivian Sille

“Being a Nonbinary Actor/Performer in Chicago”: a roundtable discussion

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