Jul 11th 2020


@ Woman Made Gallery

Opening Saturday, July 11th, from 2PM - 3PM

On view through Friday, July 31st

Woman Made Gallery (WMG) is pleased to present “HOME, A Virtual Exhibition” with work by 123 artists from the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom.

Due to COVID-19, the theme of home is particularly relevant. Stay-at-home orders have affected our lives greatly. Home is often presumed to be a safe sanctuary or retreat where we can reconnect with ourselves, but that is not the experience for many who face trauma and violence at home or who do not have a stable home to go to.

In her juror’s statement, Jennifer Weigel reflects on the entries: “In jurying HOME for Woman Made Gallery, I was drawn to the diversity of expression and willingness to share our most intimate moments: our laughs, loves, and losses. How we see our homes is very much a reflection of how we see ourselves. What is important to us? What dark thoughts lurk in the closet or under the bed and keep us up at night? What lights our way to carry us through our dark times, and what gives us cause to sing and dance in the kitchen? Home is a reflection of where we are in our lives, where we have been, and where we are going.”

About her work Togetherness from the M”other” Series (right image) Tulika Ladsariya writes: “In my newly re-created home studio, I have focused on combining my 4-year-old daughter’s sketches, my paintings, and my mother’s crocheted works. Currently, we are coping with our ennui, anxiety, and frustration through making art– my daughter and I in the U.S. and her grandmother in India. Through these narrative works, I attempt to bring together these three women artists from across generations and borders and remind us that no matter where we are physically, our sentiments and frustrations are real. Our losses, anxieties, and fears are real. Our love, albeit virtual, is real. These works will document these sentiments and foster a dialogue of commonality of experience across the globe.”

Exhibiting Artists: Ngozi Akande, Elaine Alibrandi, Marjorie Arnett, Lisa Marie Barber, Sandra Barrett, Donya Beaton, Zoe Beaudry, Kari Black, Sarah Blaszczak, Susan Bloomfield, Fanny Brodar, Dorothy Broers, Marianna Buchwald, Debbie Burk, Maria Camera-Smith, Christina Canzoneri, Sara Corley Martinez, Rachel Dickson, Caro Dranow, Iwona Duszek, Mirvia Sol Eckert, Bronwyn Elkuss, Deborah Emerson, Carol Estes, Sophia Etling, Donna Faranda, Melon Fernsebner, Linda Foley, Lisa Foster, Lisa Friedman, Victoria Fuller, Elise Gagliardi, Kathleen Garness, Christine Giancola, Juliet Goodden, Laurie Hall, Karen Hanrahan, Pamela Hobbs, Katie Hovencamp, Megan Hulan, Valerie Huss, Nura Husseini, Christine Ilewski, Malika Jackson, Jennifer Jenkins, Aunia Kahn, Ruth Keitz, Jennifer Kempf, Zoe Kennedy, River Kerstetter, Mary King, Christina Klein, Mary Kolada Scott, Tulika Ladsariya, Betty Jane Lau, Beatriz Ledesma, Julie Lee, Susan E Lehman, Jill Leipprandt, Anna Lentz, Sarah Leslie, Dawn Liddicoatt, Li Lin-Liang, Dominika Lipecka, Sandra Luckett, Elaine Luther, Laura Lynne, Ellen Starr Lyon, Mandem, Claire Marcus, Juliet Martin, JL Maxcy, Maureen May, Sandra Mayo, Mary McFerran, Edith Mendez, Deborah Mitchell, Karen Musgrave, Liz Nania, Indrani Nayar-Gall, Anne Nordhaus-Bike, Lollie Ortiz, Patricia Panopoulos, Wendy Peer, Corinne D. Peterson, Amy Pleasant, Kristen Polotsky, Kit Porter, Ann Quinn, Gina Lee Robbins, Kathryn Rodrigues, Red Sagalow, Whitney Lea Sage, Marcia Santore, Mickey Satkiewicz, Jo Scheder, Paula Schiller, Johanna Sarah Schlenk, Gabby Schmitt, Heather Sepanik, Sherin Shefik, Carol Shikany, Michelle Sierra, Payton Spinosa, Tina Starr, Kiki Steinman-Arendsee, Susanne Swanson-Bernard, Meredith Swortwood, Salma Taman, D.A. Terzian, Cheryl Thomas, Michele Thrane, Tricia Townes, Ann Tracy, Janie Tubbs, Gwynneth VanLaven, Maria Villanueva, Jessica Wagner, Juliann Wang, Jan Wiesner, Elaine Woo, April Wright.

Curator/Juror: Jennifer Weigel is a multidisciplinary mixed-media conceptual artist. Weigel utilizes a wide range of media to convey her ideas, including assemblage, drawing, fibers, installation, jewelry, painting, performance, photography, and video. Much of her work touches on themes of beauty, identity (especially gender identity), memory and forgetting, and institutional critique. Weigel’s art has been exhibited nationally in all 50 states, and she has won numerous awards. For more information, visit https://www.jenniferweigelprojects.com/

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