May 29th 2020

Join us for a screening of Our Valence, a film by Kennedy Yanko in collaboration with Lutfi Janania with performance by Zachary Tye Richardson, curated by Tessa Ferreyros for Art in Buildings. In it’s original iteration Our Valence was a performance-driven installation comprised of exotic florals, organic material, found metal and paint skins, and narrative bodily movement. It was a somaesthetic enactment of creating the indivisible: building the building blocks of matter and representing the personifying moment when seemingly opposite forces harmonize. Our Valence exists as the repetitive moment that begins and ends again and again. It must occur before life can be seen, felt, heard, or perceived as a whole.

We invite you to revisit the experience of Our Valence via film with Kennedy and her creative collaborators on the evocative piece. The evening will begin with a screening of the Our Valence film and will be followed by a live conversation.

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