May 26th 2020

Sessions with a double feature:

Act I: Jenna Lyle
From a meager setup, composer-performer Jenna Lyle peeks into the sonic life of deconstructed technology, drawing out artifacts and delighting in discovered eccentricities. For her installment of the Gray Sound Sessions, she wallows in her enjoyment of all things *tape*.

Act II: Seth Kim-Cohen presents,
Clouds of Magellan
by names_of_music

a sonic-fiction / science-fact / present-future
sample-operetta for quarantinetta and library Baretta
(don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time)
performed in one act by names_of_music

names_of_music is Olias Nil, member of the bands Nil/Resplendent, The Fire Show, and Number One Cup, who makes other things under other names, like performances and talks and installations and books (find names_of_music albums on Bandcamp)

LIVESTREAM LINK will be on Gray Center’s website:

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