Apr 30th 2020

The Public Newsroom returns! We’re bringing back a digital, monthly version of our workshop series to highlight community efforts to provide mutual aid, meet information needs and hold space for joy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re kicking off our re-launch with the 128th Public Newsroom, hosted by Equity and Transformation’s communications director Nicole Laport.

EAT is a nonprofit that builds social and economic equity for Black Chicagoans engaged in the informal economy, serving the core communities of Austin, Englewood and West Garfield Park. Laport will share how EAT developed a three-part community care intervention in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: The Life Kit with up-to-date information and resources on COVID; gift cards for residents not eligible for federal stimulus; and podmapping tools to establish community care networks.

Register for this event (see link above) so we can email you a Zoom link and passcode on April 30. The participant limit for this event is 100. Sign up here: tinyurl.com/eat-webinar

About EAT
Founded and established for and by post incarcerated and marginalized Black people in Chicago, Equity And Transformation (EAT) strives to uplift the faces, voices, and power of the vast disenfranchised and excluded Black workforce in Chicago. We organize with individuals that operate outside of the formal economy. They are the bucket boys that we pass on the way to the train everyday, the bootleg DVD man or woman at your local barber shop, the person selling loose cigarettes two for a dollar in front of the local liquor store, the trans and cis gender commercial sex workers in our community—they are survivors. They are hip hop, they are jazz, they are artists, they are musicians, they are the hustlers that are the heartbeat of every inner city community in the U.S.

The mission of Equity and Transformation is to build social and economic equity for Black Chicagoans engaged in the informal economy. We seek a Chicago free from anti Black racism and economic violence in Black communities.

About the Public Newsroom
This event is part of City Bureau’s #PublicNewsroom programming, a series of free workshops and discussions aimed at building trust between journalists and the communities they serve while shaping a more inclusive newsroom.

For more info on past and future Public Newsroom workshops and to becoming a sustaining member of City Bureau, visit http://www.citybureau.org/

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