Apr 29th 2020

Grit and Resilience: Narrating the Inner World of a Family Business

This FREE virtual event is tied to the exhibit, Excavating Memory on view at the Chicago Artists Coalition with Hatch artist, Katie Chung.
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About this Event
The American immigrant narrative is as diverse as its population.

Join us for a discussion with artist Katie Chung and filmmakers, Julian Kim and Peter Lee who have chosen different artistic mediums to the tell the story and interior life within a family that owns and runs a dry-cleaning business.

HATCH artist Resident, Katie Chung is a Korean-American visual artist from Chicago working in drawing, print, and sculpture. She blends her heritage and personal identity to build a legacy that reveals her relationship to immigration and labor. She received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, participated in local and international exhibitions, and is currently a member of Candor Arts, a resource for the design and production of artist books.

Filmmakers of HAPPY CLEANERS
JULIAN KIM — Co-Director / Producer / WriterJ ulian is born and bred in New York, pursued a career in the arts at an early age despite the Korean-American norm. An animator-to-be turned Filmmaker, Julian always felt passionate in telling moving and creative stories. His quirky compartmentalizing work ethic comes as no surprise to his colleagues as he enjoys long walks inside the Container Store, Muji’s packaging aisle, and building his legos in a very linear manner.

PETER S. LEE — Co-Director / Producer / Writer
Peter uses the lens to reflect on the blue-collar, immigrant family experience, all while pondering the status quo of life. The films that Peter creates are born from a singular desire to tell authentic stories of the invisible and the marginalized, using his own experiences, upbringing, and observations as a guide.

JUELLE DALEY– Moderator and curator of the exhibit, Excavating Memory

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