Apr 4th 2020

This event has been cenceled.

On the opening day of her ascendant artist exhibition, Los Angeles–based artist Christina Quarles discusses themes within her recent work and the exhibition.

Los Angeles-based artist Christina Quarles paints colorful, evocative scenes of ambiguous figures whose limbs, torsos, and faces merge with familiar domestic objects and abstract planes and surfaces. The surreal, morphing bodies in her paintings are subject to the weight and gravity of the physical world, as well as other bodies and the pleasures and pressures of the social realm. Quarles’s work explores the universal experience of existing within a body, as well as the ways race, gender, and sexuality intersect to form complex identities. The most comprehensive presentation of her work to date, the exhibition brings together a selection of Quarles’s work along with a new, large-scale commission that explores illusions and histories of painting.

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