Apr 25th 2020

This Saturday! Come learn about Chicago LGBTQ history with Owen Keehnen and Saltine!

At 3 PM CST Historian Owen Keehnen and drag performer Saltine will interview each other about Chicago LGBTQ history, drag, and their current projects.

Author, activist, and LGBTQ grassroots historian Owen Keehnen has had several books of fiction and non-fiction published, most recently, Dugan’s Bistro and the Legend of the Bearded Lady. He was a cofounder of the Legacy Project and is currently working on making sure AIDS Garden Chicago becomes a reality. He was inducted into the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame in 2011. Owen’s work can be found at @owenkeehnen or owenkeehnen.com

Saltine is currently living in Provincetown but performed for several years throughout Chicago. Saltine recorded her podcast, Saltine’s Newsletter, live at Scarlet, and performed a popular art history lecture series, Impressions, in 2019, telling the origin stories behind some of the most iconic works of art and literature in the Western canon. Learn more about Saltine at @saltinestudios or ‪saltinesnewsletter.com‬.

The video conference interview will be held ‪Saturday, April 25 at 3:00 p.m. (Central)‬. Email info@gerberhart.org for link info!

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