Mar 3rd 2020

The Acorn Series, a new series devoted to the improvisatory arts, makes its debut featuring an evening of seasoned improvisers with longtime multimedia collaborative duos Billie Howard/Rebecca Himelstein using the 16-channel CLEAT system and Shabrock (Johanna Brock/Sara Goodman) exploring sound with video art, along with a solo set by electronic artist Jen Hill.

Rebecca Himelstein’s (supercollider) and Billie Howard’s (violin) work offers expressions of emotional extremes as a means of re-experiencing and making meaningful their affective spaces. Through the composition of close and shifting frequencies, extreme dynamics, and over or undersaturation, they compose visceral experiences of the depth, density and complexity of disorientation, destruction, anger, loneliness, vertigo, and awe through synthetic and acoustic sound.

Shabrock is the musical collaboration of violinist Johanna Brock and video artist Sara Goodman. Using samples, synthesisers, and live performance, Shabrock creates musical and visual improvisation inspired by glitch art and the digital age.

Jen Hill is an artist based in Chicago, IL making things with sound, image, music, video, objects, jokes, the internet, ideas, etc. Their work is especially interested in the imaginary, the impossible, and the useless. In early February 2020, Jen released a collaborative recording with improviser percussionist Claire Rousay (San Antonio, TX) titled alcohol on the digital label Heavy Mess, available on bandcamp.

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