Feb 12th 2020

Defibrillator Gallery proudly presents ‘What Remains: On the Sacred, the Lost, and the Forgotten Relics of Live Art’ taking place February 7- 28 at Defibrillator’s former home in Noble Square: 1463 W Chicago Ave [now ARC Gallery | www.arcgallery.org]. This international performance art series and visual art exhibition marks the beginning of Defibrillator’s 10th Anniversary year. Retrospective by nature, What Remains features 40 artists from around the world who responded to an open call to reanimate a collection of objects from performances that took place over the past nine years. This massive endeavor is curated by Netherlands-based instigator and artist, ieke Trinks. Visit www.DFBRL8R.org/exhibit/what-remains for schedule and other details.

The one-month exhibition is broken into four chapters and will include a performance art series, visual art installations, discussions, and satellite events. Gallery hours for the visual art exhibition at ARC Gallery are Wednesdays through Saturdays from 12 to 6pm and Sundays 12 to 4pm from February 7th to the 28th, 2020. Events at ARC Gallery are free and open to the public. Satellite events may request a small donation at the door.

>>> CHAPTER 2: MERGE | TUE 11 > SUN 16 FEB
For biographies and more information, please visit:

A_Marcel [Boston b. Latvia] | 12 MINUTE dinner on the move + gallery installation | Location TBA

THU 13 FEB | 12-6PM | Installation
Peter Baren [Netherlands] | proxy

SAT 15 FEB | 6-9PM | Performance Program
Jolanda Jansen [Netherlands]
Doro Seror [Germany]
Marval A Rex [Los Angeles]
Esther Neff + Kaia Gilje [St. Louis]
Renan Marcondes [Germany b. Brazil] | proxy
Nora + Mána [Chicago]

SAT 15 FEB | 10-12PM | Off-site Late Night Performance Program | Bridgeport Location TBA
John Thomure [Chicago]
Eunjin Choi [Los Angeles b. South Korea]
Kristin McWharter [Chicago]


Curator ieke Trinks conceived of a project that would speak to the challenges of keeping records of live performances beyond the dominant and didactic lens of video and photographic documentation. What Remains is structured around proposals from artists to re-interpret the relics in the Defibrillator object archive and provide a framework for reconceptualizing their value and meaning through new works. The presentation of objects will change from week to week, with new pieces added when relics are reactivated as performances or installations. The relics that aren’t yet activated will be on view downstairs in the basement on shelves waiting to be used and displayed throughout the month. The overall idea for the exhibition is to keep it vivid and in a constant flux, just like the nature of performance art itself. Transformation of the space and installation of objects will be done during open gallery hours, underlining the performativity of the accumulation and exhibition of relics. There will also be space given to display the 91 submitted proposals from around the world.

ieke Trinks | Curator (b. 1977) is an artist living and working in the Netherlands where she received a Master of Fine Arts. In 2017 she finalized her second Masters degree in Critical & Pedagogical Studies at the Malmö Art Academy in Sweden. Trinks has performed extensively at international venues, including: Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst [Leipzig, 2019]; 13 Festivalen [Gothenburg 2018]; Performance Site [The Hague 2017], New Performance Turku Festival [Finland 2015]; Amorph!14, performance art festival [Helsinki 2014]; Bienal Internacional de Curitiba [Brazil 2013]; Out of Site Chicago [2013]; FADO Performance Art Centre [Toronto 2013]. And since 2013 Trinks has been a returning performer at DFBRL8R. In the past three years Trinks has done research on performance art documentation, and wrote on performance art initiatives in the Netherlands as a contribution for the publication ‘Art Action 1998 – 2018’ by Le Lieu, centre en art actuel [Quebec City]. Trinks is since 2010 co-organiser of PAE (Performance Art Event) and works since 2008 in collaboration with the all-women performance troupe, TRICKSTER. www.ieketrinks.nl.

Defibrillator Gallery [www.DFBRL8R.org] is an international platform for Performance Art known for bold and courageous programming that aims to provoke thought and stimulate discourse surrounding experimental time-based practices.

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