Feb 2nd 2020

Storyboards for installations and assemblages:

This set of photographic drawings and collages was started after a 2018 visit to the drawing room at the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago. One of the displays was a series of Helen Frankenthaler prints that she continually reworked and added notes to- she had found a valuable tool for variations in reproducing an image. The Frankenthaler print series how this practice could be useful in my thinking and rethinking of my work in assemblages and installations.
I to can build a continuous diary of visual language by using repetition to free my mind to unexpected improv and experimentation.

Ideas about color, form and content could be easily worked out on a daily basis through a diary of printed collages exploring possible next moves. The images are taken from assemblages of crashed sleds and found materials. This series delves into ideas of fun, risk, perception, and the construct of time.

A larger series of paintings, installations and collages will be exhibited at Freeark Gallery in Riverside, Illinois in
December 2020.

Camille Silverman

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