Feb 21st 2020

Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room
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Chicago-based collective Black, Brown, and Indigenous Crew presents an evening of punk music to accompany the exhibition “Vaginal Davis: The White to Be Angry.”


This event responds to the history and legacy of Homocore Chicago, a group founded in the early 1990s that organized regular queer punk shows in Chicago. Over a period of nearly ten years, Homocore Chicago presented numerous artists, including Vaginal Davis, and helped to create an intersectional punk scene that continues today through the work of collectives such as Black, Brown, and Indigenous Crew.

Blacker Face
The Breathing Light
Mermaid N.V.

About Black, Brown, and Indigenous Crew:

Black, Brown, and Indigenous Crew (BBIC) works to create spaces that center black, brown, and indigenous peoples (BIPOC); welcome BIPOC queer, trans, and gender-nonconforming folx; and dismantle oppressive structures through punk, hardcore, heavy metal, rap, hip-hop, indie, and alternative music. Current BBIC organizers worked on the Black and Brown Punk Show Festival: Or Does It Explode in 2017, and organized the Black, Brown, and Indigenous Crew Punk Fest: The Resurrection in 2018. BBIC honors all the work previous Black and Brown Punk Fest organizers did to pave the way for this work and are proud to continue to uphold DIY values.


Support for public programs is provided in part by the Woman’s Board of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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