Feb 29th 2020

F**k Catsup

@ Slow

2153 W 21st St Chicago IL 60608

Opening Saturday, February 29th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, April 4th

Tomato. Love apple. Its luscious redness, the burst of juices it delivers. Not to mention the way we senualize the sauces we make from it. Puttanesca anyone? Cue the “anticipation” refrain from those Heinz Ketchup commercials and become enraptured as that sweet red condiment slowly slides out the tip of that bottle.

Sex is weird. We have intense impulses to nonsensical things. Yes, my genitals mashed up with someone else’s genitals, but the impulses don’t stop there. Sometimes it makes far less sense. Especially during that formative stage where our hormomes foment intense lust before we understand how sex works. We follow impulses without understanding. In part because our bodies tell us to, and in part because society does, or at least we think it does. Misunderstanding is fundamental to our identities, especially our sex identities. Mind the gap, the edict of our time, and the gap is hole to be filled. Everything is a potential erogenous zone, even the parts that are not on or even near our bodies. Sex is the history of discourse, and Jeremy Biles, Joan Goldin, Kate Schutta, and Ali Seradge are here to tell some juicy heirloom stories. They are recalling from a subsequent vantage point. We don’t forget the situations that formed the boundaries that make us who we are, but when we have a lifetime between that formation and what we know now, there is insight. We can relish in the weird, the naive, and the indulgent.

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