Feb 28th 2020

Cyborgs: Ancient & Current: Closing reception & performance

@ Chicago Art Department

1926 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614

Opening Friday, February 28th, from 6PM - 10PM

On view through Friday, February 28th

Join us for the Closing Reception CYBORGS: Ancient & Current. Imagining & Performing
Exhibition and Performance series.
CAD North Gallery

Dedicated to the legacy of Russian Avant-Garde, CYBORGS: Ancient & Current. Imagining & Performing plunges into poetic dialogues with machines of the 21 century.

100 years ago Russian Constructivists revolutionized the ideas of spatial perception, mused with lines as trajectories, functional entities, mutating into the space molecules, transmitting energy, and connecting circuits. Their lines transmuted into basic forms, pouring into architectural monoliths conflating positive and negative space.

Russian Constructivists embraced the initial mechanical meaning of the word “REVOLUTION,” non- representational, perpetual motion, transforming into ever evolving impulse of
positive energy, crushing hierarchies, autocracies, bureaucracies, building new worlds.
They revered the machines as smart functioning organisms, protagonists of new world utopia, based on electrical transmission, mechanized labor and serving the collective good.

21st century artists of the current show; operate machines evolving into complex organisms, then becoming extensions of their bodies, producing new materialities, extending spatial and temporal perception.

CYBORGS: Ancient & Current. Imagining & Performing focus on exploration of aesthetic modalities of artificial intelligence: its various embodiments & temporalities. Musing with ideas of identity, labor, circuitry & mediation, artists in the show engage in digital fabrication, simulated poetry, virtual reality, robotic materiality & interactive software, producing cyborgs, expressing cyborgs, performing cyborgs & becoming cyborgs.

We have become symbiotic organisms.
But what happened to the U/utopia?

Curated by Galina Shevchenko

February 28th
Closing Reception & Third Performance Iteration 6 pm- 10pm
Performances run from 7pm to 10 pm

Participating Artists & Performers:
Kim Alpert, Dani Che, Morgan Green, Kiku Hibino, Clareese Hill, Elizabeth Koprucki, Graham Livingston, Michelle Murphy, Liviu Pasare, Ramin Takloo-Bighash, Erin Schalk, Galina Shevchenko, Nika Synth, Valera, Ane Weiseth

February 28th Performers:

Kim Alpert, Graham Livingston, Galina Shevchenko, Nika Synth, Kiku Hibino

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