Feb 21st 2020


@ North Pole

1600 W Sherwin Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

Opening Friday, February 21st, from 6PM - 9PM

“CASUAL REMARKS” is a project co-created by Julie Herrmann and Lucy McDonald, emerging from their previous position as part-time, temporary employees at the Museum of Contemporary Art during the run of the museum’s most contested exhibition; Virgil Abloh: “Figures of Speech.” Mirroring Abloh’s affinity for quotes, “CASUAL REMARKS” highlights Yelp reviews, TripAdvisor comments, and articles of critique regarding the exhibition, alongside a catalog of assertions that were stated directly to the MCA staff.

North Pole Exhibitions hosts a sardonic “FLAG” ceremony February 21, 2020 to commemorate former museum professionals as well as the tragic loss of contemporary art. Inspired by Abloh’s “Question Everything” flag*, this One Night Only™ experience responds to questions raised by museum visitors and staff alike, while embodying Abloh’s institutional meta-critique of appropriation**

* The original “Question Everything” flag was stolen from the MCA’s flagpole on July 16, 2019 and replaced shortly after. This flag ceremony is unrelated to that incident.

** ”CASUAL REMARKS” is not endorsed by or connected with Virgil Abloh, Off-White, or the Museum of Contemporary Art. “Duchamp is my lawyer.”- V.A.

Exclusive drop & limited edition “ARTIFACTS”™ available while supplies last.

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