Feb 2nd 2020


The day’s finally here! The Camo Coat Collection and AFRIFUTURI 02022020 monograph officially launch on 02.02.2020, the mystical numerological portal connected to my ongoing creative and spiritual relationship with the number “8.”

Get your tickets now to RSVP for the launch on Sunday, February 2, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. Blanc Gallery, 4445 S. King Drive, Chicago in historic Bronzeville! Reserve your spot for this dynamic runway show which will feature: eight stunning models who are artists/performers/scholars in their own right wearing original capsule collection garments by Denenge Design with selected accessories by featured artisans; music mix by DJ Sadie Woods including excerpts from Denenge’s Corpus Meum installation (Arts Club of Chicago) and Rapunzel Revisited soundscapes (MCA Chicago); a monograph book signing; and a short post-show conversation with feminist eco-critic Dr. Chelsea Frazier of Ask An Amazon!

AFRIFUTURI 02022020 monograph copies each with original custom hologram details (in collaboration C. Alex Clark) will be available at the launch. To reserve your copy, select the monograph add-on at Eventbrite ticket check-out. Link in bio. (Print-on-demand copies will be available via Lulu.com at $26 per copy.) Libraries and collectors/collections interested in one of the eight limited edition boxed copies, please contact me directly via email for further details.

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The capsule collection launches with this artist’s monograph highlighting eight archetypal performance-costumes and eight selected writings on intersections of Afro-Futurism, design, performance, costume, space, and ecologies from 15 years in the field. The Osanyin Commemorative Portrait Series and The Camo Coat Collection are conceptual and applied Afro-Futurism projects begun in 2014 as NEH Fellow for the Institute on Black Aesthetics and Sacred Systems. The collection is focused on protection—logistical and spiritual—in the urban landscape, inspired by Osanyin, the Yoruba orisa of healing, leaves, and the wisdom of nature, and referencing dazzle camouflage, its striped pattern bearing similarities to Tiv a’nger traditional textile from Nigeria; healing and thriving through ritual performance; and Afro-Futurist design practice in action. Visit www.denenge.net/camo-coat/ for more information.

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