Jan 25th 2020

To celebrate his birthday, multidisciplinary artist and master drummer Sura Dupart leads The Sidepocket Experience, an eclectic free ensemble focusing on healing and deepening our relationship with the Creator. Special guest Isaiah Collier joins the group. There will also be a screening of “Baba Sura,” a film by Diana Darby © 2019, including some deleted scenes.

Sura (pronounced Soo-Rah) Dupart is one of Chicago’s most accomplished sculptors and has been performing musica for over 50 years. Dupart joined the AACM in mid 1960s and deepened his practice with Atu Harold Murray’s Sun Drummer. Since then, Dupart has studied drumming practices and traditions from Africa, the Diaspora, and the south side of Chicago. He currently performs with his SidePocket Experience as well as the Participatory Music Coalition. Joining him are the legendary Soji Adebayo on keys; the unstoppable Santez on t. sax and saxello; trumpeter Curtis Black; Dr. Adam Zanolini on double bass, flute, and s. sax; and dancer Althea Teamer.

“Before Music was used for entertainment it was used as a primary source of healing and a sublime connection to the divine. My strongest desire is to continue to perfect my art as well as my music and to become more of a spiritual link to god.” – Sura Dupart

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