Jan 10th 2020

Please join us for the opening of Intimacies and Influence Friday January 10th, 2020 from 7-10pm.

Friends, mentors and lovers, are the family you choose; the people that you elect to shape the direction of your life. Through conversations and experiences with those that you love, you form your moral compass, your priorities and contour your passions.

This exhibition is an appeal to those that have acted as architects in my life and career. Open House Contemporary, located at the intersection of art and hospitality, is a place for exploration and contemplation. Our audience is multifold. Engaging the Chicago arts community through public exhibitions, events, salons and dinners, Chicagoans have a diverse array of opportunities to experience our collection. As a fully functional “B&B”, OHC hosts thousands of visitors to Chicago every year. Providing a rare opportunity to live with truly compelling contemporary artwork while exploring one of America’s most vibrant cities.

Moments spent traveling are special. You linger a bit longer over nightcaps with friends as you gaze on an unfamiliar skyline. Meeting new people in new places brings a unique perspective. Conversations meander and wind through the familiar and unfamiliar without hurry when you have lazy days together. Open House Contemporary provides an opportunity to set the stage–to provoke a dialogue between–old friends reuniting in their old haunts–colleagues celebrating their victories–couples falling in love with each other and a new town.

Matthew Kellen
Founder and Curator
Open House Contemporary

Featuring work by: Melina Ausikaitis, Jeremy Boyle, Jens Brasch, Maxime Brodeur, Natalie Clark, Eli Craven, Jennifer Cronin, Jamie Kelter Davis, Jeffrey Forsythe, Kevin Heisner, Beth Hoeckel, Thomas Huston, William Lieberman , Tom Lau, Eve Meilleur, Elaine Suzanne Miller, Erik L. Peterson, John Preus, Jason Robinette, Kathryn Rodrigues, Jessica Sladek, Preeti Samraj, Chris Strong, Dasha Tolstikova, Justine Tobiasz, Leah Tumerman, Genevieve Wolff

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