Jan 12th 2020


@ Material

2025 W Belmont Ave, Chicago IL 60618

Opening Sunday, January 12th, from 11AM - 2PM

On view through Sunday, January 12th

Aline, 2019
bear candle, puzzle boxes, folding chair, tennis balls
44” x 21” x 29”

Benjamin Larose, Solo Exhibition

…There is both a hopefulness and hopelessness in the exhibition title: I’LL SEE YOU WHEN YOU GET HERE. The hope of a visitor arriving. The accumulation of time that is shown through the worn, completed puzzles that are placed on the empty coat racks. The chair with the tennis balls on the bottom to enable smoother movement is bogged down by its pile of flattened and empty boxes stacked up in a pyramid and topped by a bear candle. How long has the wick waited to be lit? Colors are gone, music is replaced by creaking. There’s a sense of use and unused and used up. Who is waiting? Will someone ever come or will time continue to pass as evidenced by the completed puzzles, piled up and displayed with lost presence?

-excerpt from exhibition essay by Nancy Wisti-Grayson and Jean Alexander Frater

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