Dec 14th 2019

This discussion amplifies the Biennial contribution by FICA—Fundo Imobiliário Comunitário para Aluguel, What does an ethical landlord look like?, which imagines landlords in an alternative way, namely, as operating based on principles rather than on market forces. It features Biennial contributors Renato Cymbalista and Bianca Antunes (FICA), Christoph Langscheid (chair of the Edith Maryon Foundation, Switzerland), Ariel Sosa (program coordinator for Habitat para la Humanidad, Argentina), and others. The first part of the discussion will feature institutions that, like FICA, hold property and aim to use it in progressive ways; it will address their experiences, expertise, challenges, and anxieties. The second part examines mapping projects centered on alternative properties of landlordship worldwide.

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