Dec 8th 2019

At this Socialist Night School we will dive into theories of what a socialist society will look like and the paths to get there.

Socialism is not just about critiquing capitalism and its failures, but painting a vision for a new, more just and freer world for all people. What goes into that vision though? Is socialism a specific vision of particular things, or a world built on a set of principles that can look any number of different ways? Join us to discuss how we even build a vision of a socialist future and some of the ways people have thought about–and dreamed out–this in the past. The readings are below:

1. Tarnoff, Building Socialism from Below:
2. Robinson, Socialism as a Set of Principles:
3. Gindin, What a Socialist Society Could Actually Look Like:
4. LeSeuer, I Was Marching:
5. Karl Marx, “Critique of the Gotha Program”

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