Nov 23rd 2019

Yesenia Bello: Closing Reception for Modular Shop
Saturday, November 23rd from 3pm to 5pm

Please join us for a closing game and reception in celebration of Yesenia Bello’s November pop-up residency at the Modular Shop at Compound Yellow.

Come promptly at 2:30pm to engage in some play as we wander around the space and make use of one of Yesenia’s ceramic “speaking vessels”. With the aid of this vessel we will share thoughts in a whisper with friends and future friends. Quietly, slowly, and with pace.

Stay a little longer to take a look at the works on view and for sale in the modular shop. Hand built vases, formed spoons, printed fabrics, and delicately marked drawings have been continually reconfigured throughout the month.

We’ll have a fire going and snacks. The reception will close with a communal rope making session. (;

During the first half of her stay at the Modular Shop, Yesenia has extended the space to fellow artists and collaborators to make use of the shop for their own creative pursuits – for writing and reading and plotting to take that next step. In the same spirit, many of the things that inhabit the Modular Shop are constructed with joy before jumping into new bodies of work. In this way Yesenia sees them as finished works within themselves and yet bare bones for other projects. She has asked this question to her visitors and extends it here to you:

How can we ramp up small gestures so that they can find momentum together, a ‘togetherness momentum’ that feels greater than the sum of its parts?

Yesenia Bello (b.1994) lives and works in Chicago. She received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her installations, drawings, and sculptures have been presented locally and nationally at spaces including Tiger Strikes Asteroid (Chicago and LA), Chicago Artist Coalition (Chicago, IL), Super Dutchess Gallery (New York, NY), The Overlook Place (Chicago, IL), Comfort Station (Chicago, IL), 6018 North (Chicago, IL), and the Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago,IL). She recently completed a residency in Carrizozo, NM.

A MODULAR SHOP is a series of pop up residencies intended to program artists whose work is explicitly for sale, in order to create space in the community to show that craft is absolutely art, and that the things we use in our day to day lives could be much more thoughtful, especially in terms of labor, aesthetics, and concept.

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