Nov 7th 2019

Focusing on fixed-frame, one-take, moving image works, ROMANSUSAN.ORG/RESTRAINT emphasizes structural rigor, intimacy, performative creativity, and the freedoms, limitations, and joys of utilizing control in order to realize personal pursuits.

The second work shared for this series will be How to Work Together Part 2 by Jessica Pierotti, created in 2018.

Jessica Pierotti is an interdisciplinary artist, photographer and educator based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She received her Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2016 and currently works as a lecturer at the School of the Art Institute, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the City Colleges of Chicago. Jessica is an obsessive list-maker and has a hard time not eavesdropping in public. Jessica’s artistic practice struggles with anxiety, control, absurdity, and an obsessive and sincere interest in attempting to understand the world. She is an image maker that is hungry to better understand the impact of mediation and reproduction through video, photography and sculpture. Jessica often works with her immediate surroundings and everyday objects as a means of focusing in on the impact of modest gestures. For more information, please visit

This programming series is a collaboration between Roman Susan Art Foundation and The Leather Archives & Museum. The Leather Archives & Museum was founded by Chuck Renslow and Tony DeBlase in 1991 as a community archives, library, and museum. The mission of the organization is making leather, kink, BDSM, and fetish accessible through research, preservation, education and community engagement. For more information, please visit

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