Nov 18th 2019

Parlor Room and the Photography Department at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago welcome renowned artist, Jason Fulford to SAIC for a lecture on his work. Fulford (b. 1973) has adopted the photobook format as a primary mode of expression in which his photographs build a layered articulation through sequence and arrangement. Many of the questions posed by the work are intentionally left unanswered, and are sometimes unanswerable. The work is about the experience of looking and thinking, inviting viewers and readers to be active participants. His 2008 title, Raising Frogs for $$$ foregrounds a concern with context and the ways that meaning can be shifted and teased from images through editing and sequencing. The Mushroom Collector (2010) continues this exploration, granting chance and intuition major roles. His other monographs include Sunbird (2000), Crushed (2003), Hotel Oracle (2013), Contains: 3 Books (2016), Clayton’s Ascent (2018) and The Medium is a Mess (2018). He is a Guggenheim fellow; a cofounder of J&L Books; coeditor, with Gregory Halpern, of The Photographer’s Playbook (2014); coauthor with Tamara Shopsin of a photobook for children, This Equals That (2014); and guest editor of Der Greif Issue 11. We are pleased to present this evening lecture for our students, faculty, staff and the general public.

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