Nov 22nd 2019

Luftwerk + Katherine Young: Requiem: A White Wanderer

@ Experimental Sound Studio

5925 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60660

Opening Friday, November 22nd, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Sunday, January 26th

As part of the Outer Ear Residency, Luftwerk presents an immersive sculptural exhibition at Audible Gallery, November 22nd, 2019 – January 26th, 2020. Illuminated objects will fill the space with shadows and reflections creating a visual topography enhanced by amplified sounds mimicking the calving of glaciers, created by collaborator Katherine Young. Join us for the opening reception, November 22 from 6-9pm.

Requiem: A White Wanderer is an ongoing project inspired by Larsen-C, a 120-mile long crack that ran along the Antarctic ice shelf and broke into a trillion-ton iceberg named A 68 in 2017. White Wanderer translates seismic data from this ailing iceberg into an emotional experience, connecting the public to the urgency of climate change. The source data is based on the seismic recordings made by Douglas MacAyeal, a world-renowned glaciologist based out of the University of Chicago. MacAyeal has recorded seismic data over a multi-year time period, observing the movement of iceberg B15 from its first cracking to its disintegration across the globe. Seismic data is a low frequency sonic signal, inaudible to the human ear, but it can be perceived and felt throughout the ocean system, traveling through trenches and the SOFAR channel from the Antarctic to Haiti and beyond. While in residence at ESS, Luftwerk has been working in collaboration with Katherine Young to create a musical composition for orchestra and voice based on these sonic signals. The exhibition at Audible Gallery will become part of the scenic design for the next phase of Requiem: A White Wanderer, a live performance by 10-piece ensemble with immersive installation and a panel discussion presented in Pritzker Pavilion, Millennium Park on February 1st 2020.

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