Nov 9th 2019

Kerry Hirth: All I Wish to Own and Man Bartlett: END GAME

@ Bert Green Fine Art

8 S Michigan Ave, Suite 620, Chicago, IL 60603

Opening Saturday, November 9th, from 5PM - 8PM

On view through Saturday, December 21st

Kerry Hirth uses musical harmony as color to create visual music in vibrant linear patterns to explore the ways they point to the source of music in life experiences. These drawings represent the progression of harmonies in a Brahms Intermezzo. They are visual music, conveying the continuous motion and contours of the music in a linear pattern with consistent correlations between harmony and color in an attempt to characterize visually how music is gleaned, distilled, and differentiated by the imagination from the living world.

Man Bartlett’s work is a mixture of traditional media, digital media, and performance, all of which emphasize the philosophical difference between perceptual knowledge and reality and how this manifests in the interaction of technology and culture. “END GAME,” plots the path of consciousness through the end of history. A hypnotic and immersive dirge, “END GAME” uses video, sound, sculpture, and scent to ask, “What is the transference method of our psychic energies after the destruction of our planet? Where might the remaining matter of our essence travel to when our physical home is no more?” In this light, “END GAME” is both a vessel and a sarcophagus for the human spirit, traveling to an unknown and unknowable destination.

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