Nov 8th 2019

Please join us at Okay Gallery for the opening reception of All Set, featuring paintings by Jake Fagundo.

From Max Capus: “Fagundo’s work makes a clear distinction between a scene that is simply without figuration and a scene that is missing it… As an empty chair becomes distinguished as a chair without a figure, the immediacy of the ostensible subject depicted becomes the primary means of instilling what is not. One would, however, be remiss to reduce their read of Fagundo’s painting to a simple two-step where a definition and comprehension of subjects as determined by their functionality ultimately leads to a negation of a human presence. This absence is complicated by numerous syntactical decisions made by Fagundo such as his utilization of compositional synchronicities. These series of subtle synchronicities are defined by interacting subjects that are contiguous with one another as well as the edges of the picture plane itself. In doing so, they ultimately attribute a human presence to objects and scenes that are seemingly void of one.”

Jake Fagundo (b. 1997, Chicago) makes paintings that address intimacy and domesticity through careful consideration and manipulation of the composition. Despite their vibrating color and use of light, these pictures retain a certain silence, at once serene and unsettling. His work has previously been featured at TACO Chicago.

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