Nov 9th 2019

Design Ethics Roundtable

In the fields of medicine, law, and engineering, professionals are required to follow a written code of ethics to ensure public safety. Although design has enormous influence on how people live their lives, there is no written code of design ethics that professionals can follow. Why not? How do ethics show up in design and what does that mean for designers? This event will explore how to navigate grey areas and become more aware of our design decisions’ impact beyond the final deliverables.

The Design Ethics Roundtable will explore the definition of design ethics in theory and practice. A panel of design practitioners will share personal stories of applying ethics in their work in patient care, prosthetics design, UX, and other fields. Following a Q&A, attendees will break into small groups to role play real-life ethics scenarios and discuss. Designers will come away with a better understanding of design ethics conceptually and in practice, gaining tools to apply in their everyday work.

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