Nov 9th 2019

Dannielle Tegeder: EPISODES

@ Carrie Secrist Gallery

835 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607

Opening Saturday, November 9th, from 5PM - 8PM

On view through Saturday, December 21st

Carrie Secrist Gallery is pleased to announce EPISODES, our second solo exhibition by New York City-based gallery artist Dannielle Tegeder. Featuring new paintings, drawings and video, this exhibition continues Tegeder’s investigation into the concept of systems and what the medium of painting means in the expanded field. This exhibition will be on view from November 9 to December 21, 2019.

EPISODES presents seven large-format, vertically oriented paintings propped up on artist-designed sculptural pedestals and leaning on a gallery wall painted with triangular swaths of pinks, blues, oranges and greens. Creating a metaphorical series of stations, or episodes, this installation reveals a series of juxtapositions, contradictions and crosscurrents contextualized within the formal atmosphere of a gallery. Through this non-traditional presentation, the resulting immersive environment suggests architecture’s ability to both confront and disappear from expectations and experience.

Within and across the paintings themselves segmented lines, chunks of solid color, repetitive patterns and the occasional dissolution of medium combine with Tegeder’s repeated signature motifs to create a complex host of imageries. These abstract paintings hint at a variety of concepts related to architecture, art historical narratives, Bauhausian ideologies and social constructs. The paintings coupled with their respective poetic titles allude to an amalgamation of concepts from beehives to topographical utopian maps. Through this assembly of forms and ideas, the paintings, and the painted wall they rest on, ultimately dictate a narrative for the viewer, asking them to discern the most plausible role that painting-as-medium plays in their lives.

Presented in the gallery’s project room are over 50 artist-framed drawings on paper executed in correlation with the new paintings on display in the main gallery space. These drawings are presented in a salon style while simultaneously isolating Tegeder’s iconographic symbols creating a distillation of concepts and ideas. The visual juxtapositions rely on accumulation rather than isolation. They represent a key element of Tegeder’s multi-disciplinarian approach to the deconstruction of the nature of painting as a singular system or indexical platform.

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