Oct 26th 2019

In advance of the HATCH exhibition, ‘In the mud and slush of opinion and tradition, the body becomes landscape and I become a transparent eyeball’ (November 15 – December 27), the artists, Holly Cahill and Kushala Vora, and curator, Alexis Brocchi, would like to invite you to join us on a walk to discover, gather, listen, wander, and wonder.

As you walk in a new or familiar landscape; What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? What does this do to your relationship to your surroundings and yourself? Focused on the act itself and understanding born through walking, our path will draw inspiration from the starlings’ murmuration and make space for reflection through discussion and written exercises. As we discover and observe, we will gather: look up, bring attention back to the moment of the walk, hold something in our hands and see the layers of time.

Inspired by the forthcoming exhibition’s focus to explore the way we see and are influenced by all things in the environments around us, we will discuss the artists’ projects, inspirations, ways of investigating, and learn more about the living things above and below us.

The program will be hosted at Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary (located by the harbor at Montrose Beach). We ask that you please RSVP here.

Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary
4400 N Simonds Dr, Chicago, IL 60613
(Coordinates: 41.962726,-87.635177)

How to get there:
Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary can be found by following Montrose Avenue east until crossing Lake Shore Drive and into Lincoln Park. From there, take a right at Montrose Harbor Drive, the street next to the gray-painted bait shop. Follow the curve and Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary will be on your left. If you drive, park on the street.

Photo: courtesy of Kushala Vora

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