Oct 25th 2019

Join us for a celebration of the liminal, and with a nod to transitional states, we welcome the dark side of the year.

In between matter and spirit, we find form and decomposition. The soil, worms, and bacteria host the rest of the planet from the ground up. We find ourselves nourished by the dead, the viral creatures find their way through our bodies, the dead that feasts on the living. We find mushrooms that spring up from dead logs in the depths of the woods. We find that the hair and nails just keep on growing. The fog descends on the dew and whatever shadows are cast just mark the beginning of the process. As if that isn’t enough, the zombies, ghosts, and folklore will keep us running.

Artwork by:

Efrén Arcoiris
Pete Brooks
Amelia De Rudder
Jam Doughty
Sara Goodman
David Nasca
Peter Overman
Alex Palmer
Eleanor Ray
Lucie Van Der Elst
Hereaclitus Here Vernon
Sara Zalek

And at 8 pm, we’ll show a special screening of Sara Zalek & Eugene Sun Park’s “Formidable Dreams” starring Hanna Brock, Elaine LeMieux, Sara Goodman, Hereaclitus Here Vernon, and Sara Zalek from Full Spectrum Features

Flyer image by Peter Overman
Curated by Sarah Luczko

BYOB, but we’ll have drinks and snacks.

Please note, Space Oddities is unfortunately *not* ADA accessible, we have one small step up at our entrance, aside from that, we’re at ground level.

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