Oct 18th 2019

‘Subverting Technologies of Repression’ is a conversation between Emmanuel Ortega and Adela Goldbard, sharing research on topics of Mexican resistances against historical repression. Ortega and Goldbard will give individual presentations on their research followed by a collaborative discussion. Ortega will speak on the topic of Franciscan missions in Mexico and the consequential native resistance. Goldbard will share on Franciscan conversion theatre that the exhibition The Last Judgment takes inspiration from, and transforms it to a generative act of resistance and remembering.

Adela Goldbard is an interdisciplinary artist and educator who believes in the potential of art to generate critical thinking and social transformation. Her work questions the politics of memory by suspecting power relations and social constructs behind official history, archeological preservation, patriotism, state-sanctioned celebrations, and mass media.

Emmanuel Ortega (PhD, Art History, University of New Mexico) is a curator, podcaster and a Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ortega has lectured nationally and internationally on the topics of images of autos-de-fe, nineteenth-century Mexican landscape painting, and visual representations of the New Mexico Pueblo peoples in Novohispanic Franciscans martyr portraits.

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