Oct 9th 2019

Pour One Out: A Monthly Storytelling Series will return to Volumes Bookcafe on Wednesday October 9. The show starts at 7pm.

The theme: I crossed borders for….

Borders can encompass many different meanings. They aren’t just the physical boundaries separating nation-states. Borders can be symbolic, emotional, psychological, spiritual, relational, institutional, sociopolitical, or structural. What are the borders that you have crossed? For what have you crossed them?

In October we have eight tellers who will explore the concept of border using personal narrative. We have a fantastic lineup that includes:

Freddy-May AbiSamra
Catherine Bentivegna Adami
Beatriz Badikian-Gartler
Margaret Burk
Nancy Burkholder
Jay Burlingham
Antwan McHenry-Belmer
Susan Wooten

Pour One Out, produced and hosted by Ada Cheng, is a growing storytelling community at Wicker Park. We feature strong and unique voices. We build community through intimacy and vulnerability.

You don’t want to miss this show.

Producer and host:
Ada Cheng is a professor-turned storyteller, performing artist, and storytelling producer. She has been featured in storytelling shows and done her two solo performances all over the United States. She is the producer and the host of four storytelling shows, including Pour One Out: A Monthly Storytelling Series, Am I Man Enough?, Talk Stories: An Asian American/Asian Diaspora Storytelling Show, and Speaking Truths Series.

Her motto: Make your life the best story you tell.
Check out her website: www.renegadeadacheng.com.

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