Oct 2nd 2019

New York-based artist Mika Rottenberg uses absurdist satire to address topical issues by creating videos and installations that offer subversive allegories for contemporary life. Rottenberg invites audiences to step inside the surreal environments she creates in her films to explore aspects of production, consumption, and labor. Nonsensical machines and assembly lines turn human output, such as sweat or a sneeze, into desirable consumer goods ranging from cultured pearls (No Nose Knows) to the millions of brightly colored plastic wholesale items sold in Chinese superstores (Cosmic Generator). The exhibition is named after a new video installation, Spaghetti Blockchain, that traces central themes in Rottenberg’s work, including technology, global materialism, and the interconnectedness of the mechanical and the corporeal. Mika Rottenberg: Easypieces is organized by the New Museum.

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