Oct 19th 2019

Miguel Akira Mar: Rostros Indígenas–Un manifiesto Indio

@ Agitator Gallery

1112 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Saturday, October 19th, from 6PM - 10PM

On view through Saturday, October 19th

Rostros Indígenas–Un manifiesto Indio

This series has come from years of anger, despair, and frustration at the political institutions and societal values that allow the exploitation and murder of indigenous descendants and others.

Rostros Indígenas is a call to all indigenous descendants in recognizing their innate power and mobilizing it to dismantle these colonial societies.

We must understand that change will not come from the people who benefit from this system. It can only come by those who are directly Impacted by such destructive society

The anger that I feel is not from hate but from love and understanding our interconnectedness to each other.

Only in being able to recognize my beauty and worth, that this art is possible. Only in understanding these things, that my life has been given meaning, despite the colonial values imposed on me.

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