Oct 16th 2019

Starchild! Citizens of the universe! Recording angels!
We have returned to claim the pyramids.
Partying on the Mothership, I am the Mothership connection
Mothership Connection (Starchild),
Parliament (1975)

Greetings Mystic Travelers,

I hope you are prepared and ready for the journey at hand as we collectively build the Mothership 9.

This mission is about the composer. And to help us on this journey I have asked the prestigious amazing composer and virtuoso pianist Dr. Charles Joseph Smith to join us.

Dr. Smith is a pianist, composer, arranger, writer, and dancer. He has been a staple personality in the Chicago arts community and DIY scene for years. Currently working on his multiple volume autobiography tilted “ I am Dr. Charles Joseph Smith” a book which details his experience in the arts as a person living with autism.

Two Pianos, two composers improvising to the stars!

We will also be premiering my latest music video “Impepho” from my album “The Oracle” (out now on vinyl) And Dr. Smith will premiere his video for “Flourishing Cities of the Undead” from his 2018 epic album “War of the Martian Ghost”.

Also enjoy delectable space treats and healing vibes from the mystical shaman Zen Frankie!!! Specializing in vegan food ,reiki, healing, healing massage, sound healing, and meditations.

The Mothership9

Mothership9 is a monthly series of creative music concerts, education and community participatory events of diverse styles approaches and genres with the purpose of building a sonic mythological spaceship to the cosmos. This series will explore the connection between space, cosmos, mythology and its relation to Chicago’s deep history and tradition of creative music as a valid construct for empowerment, healing and solidarity.

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