Oct 31st 2019

Alexandra Bachzetsis: Chasing a Ghost

@ The Art Institute of Chicago

111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603

Opening Thursday, October 31st, from 5PM - 7PM

On view through Sunday, May 30th

Between Gestures
One of the most provocative and innovative choreographers of our time, Alexandra Bachzetsis (1974, Swiss-Greek) proposes the body as an artistic and critical lens through which to look at contemporary image production. For her newly commissioned work, Chasing a Ghost, the artist collaborates with four dancers and two pianists to create a performance that revolves around the notion of the double. While the double manifests as a series of duets. Bachzetsis draws from the field of popular culture, literature, art history, and fashion to expand the choreographic archetype of the duet to include references to the doppelganger, the mirror image, and the uncanny doubling.

In Chasing a Ghost, Bachzetsis connects and disrupts. She produces an image, a movement, or a sound in order to double it almost immediately. A sound that one might recognize becomes something different, a space that seemed familiar is shown from a different angle, and a movement that just occurred reappears in a different shape a second later. Closely investigating fluidity and permanence by way of the body, identity, the (moving) image, and the space of performance, Bachzetsis makes us wonder what we think we just saw, and allows us to see it again in a different light.

Chasing a Ghost is the third installment of Iterations, the Art Institute’s multiyear series of new performances commissioned by the Art Institute of Chicago and co-produced by Pact Zollverein, Art Gallery of Ontario, MUDAM Luxembourg, Julidans 2020 Tanzquartier Wien, Bundeskunsthalle and Reso.

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