Sep 15th 2019

“Energy is our first language and learning to navigate it early on is essential.”

Tune.In. With.Tristen’s
Kids Meditation uses calming sounds, aromatherapy and guided breathing to encourage relaxation. In addition, inserting positive affirmations and feel good imagery.

Benefits of meditation include:

Improved mental attitude at school/home.
Relieve stress and anxiety
Healthy relationships between siblings and parents.
Nourishing the bond with self and others.

Tune in with Tristen offers a variety of healing tools, resources and services cultivated to nourish self-expansion while promoting wellness in everyday practices, including bodywork, guided meditation and vibrational healing. Facilitated by seasoned and certified bodyworker & healer Tristen Winfield, Tune.In.With.Tristen is designed to improve the humyn experience across age and identity.


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