Sep 9th 2019

Judith Roston Freilich
What Used to be Right Now

August 15 – September 19, 2019
RECEPTION: Monday, September 9th
Remarks at 6:30 and 7:30 to address visiting art classes during an informal setting.

Free and open to the public.

Artist’s Statement:
My work begins from the moment I step inside myself and it reflects the moments that live within each of us, the aspects and histories of the cycle of life, of time, and of the journeys we all experience.

The history of the process is important in my art. There are always remnants visible from the path that each piece takes on the way to being resolved. As I work, moments are revealed in the lives of imaginary organic images that live in enigmatic time and space. These spontaneous, intuitive organisms have unique characteristics and journeys all collected from life’s experiences.

The drawings and the textiles invite us to step inside the complicated journey within each of us. They reveal both the devastating parts of life and the overwhelmingly beautiful parts. The marks, stitches, and materials in the work reflect our complex rhythms, incongruities, and relationships. There are bursts of energy — fierce, uncontrolled, uninhibited urgencies — and beautiful swells of serenely floating calm and deep searches. In some work, the process seems unfinished, leaving traces of past journeys and exploration for the future.

— Judith Roston Freilich

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