Sep 20th 2019


@ Jackson Junge Gallery

1389 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Friday, September 20th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Sunday, October 20th

Friday, September 20th we are gathering to celebrate the Artists and the opening of our newest group exhibition, BLUE.

Blue, one of the three primary colors and has evolved over time to symbolizes an array of definitions. Leaning more towards green or violet, the color blue appears everywhere in our daily lives. The color of the sky, bodies of water, stones, various flora, etc. have inspired human kind for centuries. Not only does this hue appear in a tangible capacity, it is also used in association with abstract and non-tangible descriptions such as: sadness, tranquility, politics, temperature. This exhibition features the works of 50 different artists from all over the United States.

Rita Dianni-Kaleel
Carol Hamilton
Cristinia Velazquez
Cynthia J. Lee
David DeCesaris
David Moenkhaus
Derek Walter
Faye Earnest
Fletcher Hayes
Helen Dannelly
James Mesple
Jason E Jones
Jill Sutton
Jim Storrs
Joan McLane
John Stillmunks
Julie Rivera
Kelly Mathews
Ken Tremback
Kevin Connaughton
Kim Laurel
Kristi Sloniger
Kurt Kreissl
M. Jackson
Paula Loomis
Pearlie Taylor
Peter E. Russell
RenO Franczek
Richard Laurent
Richard Sperry
Ryan Blume
Sam Arnold
Samuel Schwindt

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