Jul 12th 2019

Ground Level Platform is pleased to present Another Taste, the second of an ongoing series of events exploring experience through olfactory and gustatory sensation.

This episode of Another Taste will feature edible flowers, keeping with the theme of the Plant Show. Come enjoy our indoor landscape and floral flavors!


The Plant Show is an immersive environment of plant art integrated into an indoor landscape of live plants.

Participating artists:
Curtis Anthony Bozif, Peter Christenson, Raul De Lara, Megan Diddie, Daniel Edward, Chris Feghali, Biyun Feng, Cass Fuller, Victoria Fuller, Ricardo Galvan, Zac Hall, Forest Leonard, Gillian Loop, Junxi Lu, Millicent Nora, Ari Norris, Katelyn Patton, Claire Raynes, Rachel Ahava Rosenfeld, Nicole Schonitzer, and Brad Stumpf

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