Jul 19th 2019

The Border Crossed Us

@ Bridgeport Art Center

1200 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609

Opening Friday, July 19th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Friday, September 6th

The Border Crossed Us presents 68 prints by 37 artists from portfolios of work that were produced in Chicago by Rene Arceo’s Arceo Press. The works reflect a search for meaning in the complex cross-border migrant experience. Curated by Eugenia Macias, the exhibit was first shown at the UNAM, Morelia Campus (National Autonomous University of Mexico) in October, 2018.

The complexity of the migrant condition, as a situation that crosses while running over people and communities, has generated creative proposals from Mexican American, Latino or Mexican residents or USA visitors who are not restricted only to representations of Chicano conditions. Rather, it is the search for meaning in the cross-border experience that give birth to a broad view of artworks. These views are as diverse as the iconic and expressive use of visualizations coming from environments and life practices with Mexican and Latino imagery. This richness is reflected in collectives, teaching and creative space, dynamic militant politics, exhibitions, other events and mechanisms to socially share the works of this creators. This happens with the publication of portfolios produced in Chicago by Arceo Press, from which these 68 prints by 37 artists were taken.

All these processes are based on flexible inclusion criteria, because the force to strengthen the origins, roots, and ethnicity is significant. The development in a country where these artists are foreigners or where some of them, their families or acquaintances met as migrants, have lived in fragile and discriminative situations, by natural instinct they generate answers of resilience, resistance, and empowerment.

Work by: Arturo Barrera, Elvia Rodriguez, Oscar Moya, Rene Arceo, Salvador Jimenez, Carlos Barberena, Jose Agustin Andreu, Artemio Rodriguez, Hector Duarte, Roberto Ferreyra, Ruben Trejo, Nicolas de Jesus, Angel Pahuamba, Marianne Sadowski, Jose Antonio Aguirre, Dolores Mercado, Juan Pablo Luna, Mizraim Cardenas, Fulgencio Lazo, Poli Marichal, Diana Solis, Esperanza Gama, Mariana Garibay, Eva Soliz, Amy Diaz-Infante, Celeste de Luna, Joel Rendon Vazquez, Sandra Fernandez, Mario E. Castillo, Sal Garcia, Sam Coronado, Emmanuel Montoya, Benjamin P. Varela, Ramiro Rodriguez, Juan de Dios Mora, Juan R. Fuentes, Eufemio Pulido, and Luis de la Torre

Eugenia Macias, Curator

Official Website

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